The global economy is undergoing permanent changes. Due to institutional alterations, globalization and increasing industry consolidation the representatives of business communities are actively focusing on new competitive landscapes.
     Perspective Asian markets, including China, are fast becoming the new centers of global growth and currently are engaging both transnational enterprises and individual investors.
     Highly developed "Asian Tigers" Hong Kong, with its freest in the world economy, low-rate tax system and free trade, and Republic of Korea, with its developed industries, are widely attractive regions for expanding into foreign markets companies.
     Macau SAR is not only the eldest European colony in Asia in the past, Asian amusement and gambling capital at present, but also is a full member of the World Trade Organisation, offshore financial centre and the free port.
     Russian Federation is a region with good export/import potential.
     In terms of this, in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Russian Federation and Republic of Korea we provide the following types of services:

• Consulting
• Company registration
• Setting up the trust fund in Hong Kong and Macau
• Register offshore company in Hong Kong and Macau
• Business relocation
• Branch registration
• Formed company sale
• Liquidation matters
Financial services
• Business support services
• Certification of corporate documents
• Accounting and audit
• Insurance and logistic outsourcing
Real Estate and Development

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